It all started in the small Eastern Cape town, Kareedouw in the middle of a cold winter in 2012.
I have been in dire straights for my salary has been cut tremendously and I was desperate to do something else to cope with the normal monthly responsibilities.  I went to bed early and in the middle of the night I would wake up and go to the sawmill where I was manager and started working on my first piece of furniture which was an island made out of solid wood.  Never did I let go of the hand of the Lord who provided me with the strenght and determination to go on and since then I have never stopped.
The first very small shop I opened was on 13 July 2012.  3pm.  There was almost nothing but did not need to much to fill it up.  As the time passed I have moved to another shop which was quite big and never looked back.  In the Summer of December 2013 we started to incorporate the art part of the furniture.  This was quite an experience.   And changed quite a bit of how people looked at my furniture.  And obviously opened a whole new market for us.  From painting only storage boxes it goes on from there and then ended in a whirlwind of different techniques and colours to where we are now and the “vintage white phase” is now so part of our Derik brand. 
All our furniture is hand made here at Kareedouw in the factory.  We have a team who are lovingly crafting every piece by hand.  These people take pride in their work.  Enjoy our website, take a look at our various procucts and feel free to contact us for quotations on your custom made DERIK products.
Solid wood has its own character and is subject to variations in colour and texture.  Natural cracks may occur due to the difference in density of each individual piece as its is a natural product.  Consult your nearest hardware store for products to use when treating the wood.


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